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Making Friends
Social Group

Offering social learning strategies for children with ADHD, social anxiety, and social pragmatic language disorder.

We Are

A team of experienced and dedicated professionals, committed to positively impacting your child’s ability to develop skills necessary for increasing flexibility in play, developing positive peer interactions, and creating social connections.

We Strive

To teach these skills in a supportive, nurturing, and interactive environment so that your child can make social gains and generalize these across environments.

We Believe

Direct teaching, positive behavioral support, and systematic guidance in a fun and natural setting will enable all children to improve their social interactions and play skills. 


What We Do

We utilize interactive, age-appropriate activities to help children create meaningful connections with peers while developing positive social skills.

Our therapists utilize direct modeling and prompting within dynamic social settings. We address your child's specific needs and work towards goals that will greatly impact your child for years to come.

"We value each child and take into account their unique learning styles to best meet their social needs and help them reach their full potential.”

How We Do It

In a supportive and fun environment your child will play games, interact with creative play items, engage in cooperative projects-based learning, listen to literature selections, engage in reciprocal conversations, work on flexibility, and learn to join in to play with others

Utilizing positive behavioral support and research-based techniques, we provide a safe and welcoming space to learn, practice, and generalize social skills with same age peers.


Get Started Today

See What Others Are Saying About Us

“Becky is not just warm and caring with each student, but warm and caring with each family she meets. She makes time to listen to their concerns and works exceptionally hard to develop strategies to assist parents with their needs.  She understands the impact of anxiety in the daily lives of ASD students and incorporates those needs - her approach is positive and works on building alternative behaviors.”  


- Cathy Grayson, MA; BCIU Autistic Support Teacher (retired), Educational Consultant 

“My son has been a part of the Making Friends social skills class for the last 3 years. He attends all 3 sessions a year. The skills our son has gained have given him the skills most kids pick up on their own to make friends, and to navigate social situations.”  


- Susan, a Making Friends Social Group parent

"Since attending her first Making Friends session, our daughter's progress in social situations - both at home, and school - has been tremendous! She continues to learn so many new ways to engage with classmates and friends!"

- Making Friends Social Group Parent 

Next Session: Fall 2024
Now accepting applications 


Fall 2024 Session

Week 1:  October 6, 2024

Week 2:  October 13, 2024

Week 3:  October 20, 2024

Week 4:  October 27, 2024

Week 5:  November 3, 2024

Included in this session is a 1.0 hour parent training course.  

All classes are 2.0 hours in length.

Your child will benefit from direct instruction to establish new skills or hone previously learned skills to establish positive peer relationships.


Offering in vivo practice will provide your child with safe opportunities to practice their strategies with "in the moment feedback.



Weekly curriculum topics include:

* Flexibility Training / Challenges

* Conversation Club

* Game / Play Choice:  Interactive Play

* Friendship Flash: Mini lesson addressing friendship skills

* Cooperative Group Project: Focus on skills of compromise and negotiation 

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